Kansas City

Kansas City is in Missouri, a the border with Kansas, a West North Central state. Kansas is surrounded by four big states that include Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Colorado. The city is situated in the middle of United States. That is why the Kansas City is also known as “Midway USA.”

If you wish to see a variety of landscapes, Kansas is the place to go. Landscapes in Kansas include hills, farms, woodlands, wheat farms, and dunes. Kansas is a Great Plains state. Here you will see lots of beautiful sunflowers in prairies, and because of this, Kansas is best-known as a “Sunflower State.”

Talking about the economy of the state, Kansas is one of the prominent farming states, generating over 400 million bushels of wheat every year which is typically more than any other state. Not only wheat is being produced by Kansas, but they are also one of the leading states producing corn, alfalfa, hay, and sorghum. Wheat sales don’t even institute the maximum percentage of annual farm income, but livestock sales do.

Life in Kansas City is more comfortable with a car. There is a metro bus service that connects into separate transit systems that run all through the metro area, however public transit is clearly not as fast or dependable as driving your personal vehicle.

Kansas is a pleasant city for families. About a quarter of the overall metro area’s population recorded is younger than 20. The rural places are principally attractive to families for the security and the schools.

Looking forward, there are several unfinished business areas in the city. That’s why residents are keeping an eye on metro projects, and some other plans and trials that will either show improvement or indicate more controversy in the next few years.

One of the tentative plans is the KCI airport’s modernization project. Residents might have assumed everything was established after Kansas City voters accepted a new single-terminal proposal in November. However, the emotional roller-coaster ride sustained until December after the city council almost dragged the plug on its preferred developer.

There is a conflict going on, but hopefully, planning gets smoother, the prevailing Terminal A could be devastated later this year. Construction could begin on a fresh $1 billion structure, while the recent Terminals B and C remain to function. Visionaries anticipated the new terminal building to be finished by the end of the year 2021.

A Streetcar expansion was recenty completed in the city. In a Midtown mail-in election last 2017 voters agreed on a distinct taxing district to take the streetcar from downtown to the center of the City.

However a citywide election last year cast suspicion on streetcar expansion. Thus the Kansas City Council tried in January to make out how to continue, even if it will possibly end up in court with streetcar opponents. The Kansas City Streetcar Authority then expects a more detailed plan will emerge this year to have the streetcar north to Berkley Riverfront Park.

Last November 2017, a new mayor was elected. It has been recorded to be one of the biggest disappointments in the elections as challenger David Alvey defeated the Unified Government Mayor Mark Holland.

Alvey is a Board of Public Utilities director and was sworn as a new mayor in Kansas City last January 8 this year. Alvey has said he would have dropped taxes at a quicker rate than former Mayor Holland did, and he desires to take a hard look at development incentive deals.

Spectators, as well as supporters, are continually watching how Alvey is ruling the city. One of the things that people are keeping an eye on is how he manages the fire department’s expenditure as it belongs to the most significant line of items in the City’s budget.

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